Dear Parents and Students,


The safety of our families is and has always been of the utmost importance to us at East Coast Martial Arts Institute.  It is for that reason that we have decided to move all of our classes to a web and video based program effective 3/16-3/28.  It is my hope that this will only be the case for these two weeks but we will continue to monitor the situation daily. As soon as it is safe for our students to return to classes for in-person instruction we will do so.  I will be posting martial arts instructions to our Facebook page on a daily basis.  I will also be producing content for our YouTube channel in the days ahead.  


Things you can expect from our web based learning are: 

    -Forms instruction (following our testing cycle and stripe schedule)

    -One-Step instruction (White-Sr. Yellow)

    -Drills and combination practice

    -Individual technique refinement

    -Stance work



    -Martial Technique and theory

    -Sparring concepts and drills

    -Self-Defense techniques


Parents we know that it is your guidance and support that keep your martial artist on track.  Encouraging your children to practice at home will help them to progress through the use of our online resources.  Many of our warm up exercises can be completed by all ranks and fitness abilities.  This is a great opportunity to exercise together as a family to stay strong and healthy during the absence of in-studio classes.  


Please check our Facebook page daily for videos and tips to continue your martial arts training.  Some of our videos will be live and some will be recorded.  Let’s work together as a martial arts family to support one another while we train at home.  Post a video or picture of your hard work  on Facebook or send them to us through email so that we can motivate and encourage one another to continue to work hard.  


You can reach Mr. Reilly through our email or through Facebook messenger.  Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about your training.  

While we will miss our time together on the workout floor, we are looking forward to keeping in touch with all of our students online.    


Best Regards, 

Jason Reilly

Chief Instructor/Owner

East Coast Martial Arts Institute