Dear parents and students,                                                                                                                                                                                                     4/10/2020


I hope this email finds you all doing well and staying healthy. We understand that these are scary and uncertain times and everyone is struggling in a variety of ways.  When I prissier my dreams and started this Martial Arts School 18 years ago, I never imagined that I would one day be forced to teach classes through a virtual platform. While our school has grown and changed in so many wonderful ways over the years, this was a change I most certainly did not anticipate.  The dedication to me and my family through your membership at East Coast Martial Arts Institute has been an immeasurable blessing and I am truly grateful.  I know that this new normal presents challenges for you and your family. As a small business we are struggling alongside each one of you.  We are so grateful for our East Coast Martial Arts Institute families and the immense amount of support we have received during this crisis.


As of April 13th, our in studio classes have been closed for a period of 4 weeks.  As discussed in my last email I have eliminated our two week summer break and two week winter break.  Those school closures were built in to the yearly tuition and will now be used to hold classes in studio.


Our remote learning classes have gotten great feedback and I am looking to further improve and increase our capability in regards to remote learning.  Below you will find details about how we will be enhancing or virtual classes.  There is also information about how we have adjusted our tuition structure and freeze options due to these trying times.


Starting March 13th monthly tuition will automatically be lowered by 30% for all current students.  Additionally, for all families that continue with remote learning and support our family-owned business during these challenging times, once we reopen in studio your monthly payments will continue at the reduced 30% rate for an additional 6 months.  (For students who are paying extra for freeze agreements, your tuition will be lowered further to reflect the same lower tuition amount as others members).


We understand that for some families remote learning may not be an option or something they are interested in.  Understanding this challenge and caring for all of our families and their individual circumstances we will be providing a freeze option for all members regardless of agreement type.  A freeze request would need to be submitted by email to:  requesting a freeze.  The freeze would put all the monthly payments on hold until we reopen in studio, at that time regular monthly billing would reactivate.  Please note: Students who freeze their accounts will NOT be eligible to receive the 6 months of 30% discounted tuition.


If you wish to cancel your membership entirely, we will be following the cancelation policy set forth in your individual membership agreement.


The weekend of May 29th and 30th was our scheduled belt testing.  Our rank testing will be pushed back two weeks to June 12th and 13th.  Testing will commence regardless of the location classes are being taught.  It is my hope that we will be back to in studio for classes long before that date.  However the current uncertainty has me hoping for the best while planning for the worst case scenario.  If need be, I will conduct remote belt rank testings and mail students their belts and certificates once earned.  Students must be active and participating in our remote learning tools to be eligible for testing in June. 


Changes and enhancements to our remote learning will start Monday April 13th.  We will be moving the majority of our classes to the Zoom Meeting platform.  I am setting the Zoom ID and Password as recurring for a month at a time.  Below you will find your Child’s meeting ID and Passwords for each day of the week (and every class).  I will email the new class meeting ID’s and passwords for May to all active students, by April 29th. 


To access your Child’s zoom class from a computer go to: then click “join a meeting” after that enter the 10 digit class ID and 6 digit password when prompted. 


To access your Child’s zoom class from a tablet or smart phone first download the “zoom cloud meetings” app from the app store. Once you have the app, launch the app, then click “join” and enter the Meeting ID and Password when prompted.


All Classes (for the month of April) share the same ID & Password: ID:***-***-**** Password: ****** (For access to the ID & password you must be current and active student If  you are, and did not receive your email with ID and Password please email me at and I will send you the log in info.)


I’m attaching a copy of the new and enhanced class schedule with this email.  I have added Dragons classes as well as separated the green/blue belts from the brown/above ranks multiple times a week. I will also be doing monthly special events and seminars every month for no additional cost.  If for any reason you can not view the class schedule, please check our Facebook page and our website for a copy. All important updates and information will be posted to our Facebook page and website so please check them regularly. 


Thank you all so much for your continued support as we all work through these troubling times together as one East Coast Martial Arts Institute family.  Stay safe and I look forward to interacting with you in our virtual classes!


Best regards,


Jason Reilly

Owner and Chief Instructor